International Exhibition «Wooden House. Spring – 2018»

Russia Russia. Novgorod

The company has been operating on the market since 1995. It has its own production of wooden houses from glued and dry solid profiled timber in Novgorod and a material and technical base with high-tech equipment from Mebor, Lediniken, Makron. Dynamically developing, expanding the range of products and geography of supply.


Russia Russia. Moscow

Architectural and construction design


Russia Russia. Moscow

Dynamically developing company in the field of wholesale and retail sale of petroleum products, autonomous gasification for various facilities. Using equipment of the leading companies, leading liquefied natural gas storage and delivery technologies. We have provided gas supply to more than 300 private and 10 industrial facilities. All the necessary licenses. Vast experience in the execution of government contracts. Qualified staff. Well-established scheme of delivery of large wholesale and small retail allows keep selling prices lower than in the market. Flexible discount system.


Russia Russia. Moscow

The company operates in the field of manufacturing and installation of shutters and gates since 2003. The premium partner of GK Alutech. Conducts full cycle of works: onsite consultation, and measurements of the openings, the manufacture, delivery and installation of products, warranty service. Dealership network in Russia.

ALPINE HOME, architectural and construction company of Sergey Prokofiev

Russia Russia. Voronezh

The architectural construction company for many years creates vibrant and unique homes of laminated veneer lumber. «Alpine Home» is a good partner for many leading manufacturers of laminated veneer lumber for the entire territory of the Russian Federation. For our colleagues we come up with not only unique projects, but also develop the concept of enterprise development, participate in the development of a strategic product will be a new line of houses or separate component. The construction division brings to life all of our projects.

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